TUPRS 3rd quarter profit Expectation -IS Invesment

IS Investment estimated that Tüpraş would make a net profit of 15,874,000,000 TL in the third quarter of the year and that the 9-month total profit would reach 29,839,317,000 TL=$1.073 billion (Profit per share 15.48-TL=$0.55). Predicting that net sales will exceed 180 billion, IS Investment estimated quarterly EBITDA at 23,291,000,000 TL = $837 million.

IS Investment forecasts, Tüpraş’s 3rd divisions for 2023; Compared to the same woman last year, her net profit will increase by 27.21% in total in the 9-month period and 32.84% in the quarter.

*In the calculations, it is calculated as $1 = 27.80-TL.

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