Oil refinery company Tupras will pay its second dividend in 2023

TUPRAS Facilities

TUPRAS oil refinery, Turkey’s largest industrial company, will make its second dividend payment in 2023. According to the decision taken at the company’s general assembly on 26.09.2023, the dividend payment date is 29.09.2023. It will pay net 6.77 Turkish lira (approximately $0.245) per share. The first dividend payment was 5.83 Turkish Liras per share. The total for 2023 is 12.60 Turkish Liras (approximately $0.461) per share. According to the share price as of 27.09.2023 (163.40-TL = $5.98), the second dividend yield is 4.1% and the annual dividend yield is 7.7%. Dollar exchange rate $1=27.30-TL is taken as basis.

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