Doğuş Automotive Service and Trade Inc. It will give its third dividend in 2023

Doğuş Automotive Service and Trade Inc. 1,250,000,000 TL ($44,626,900) of the profit-oriented resources within the scope of (DOAS*) will be distributed in cash to its partners on October 28, 2023, in proportion to their payments. The deadline to own shares to be eligible for dividends is October 27, 2023. Net 5.1136-TL ($0.182) will be distributed per share, and the dividend yield is 1.89% with the share price of 18.10.2023. DOAS will make 3 payments in 2023 with this dividend payment.

DOAS Dividends for 2023
Date Dividend per Share-TL Total Dividend-TL
24.11.2023 5,1136
24.08.2023 10,22 2.500.000.000
6.04.2023 8,1818
Total 23,5154 5.750.000.000

*DOAS is an automotive importer (Volkswagen Passenger Vehicle, Audi, SEAT, Škoda) and automotive distributor company operating in Turkey since 1994.
$1= 28.01-TL 19.10.2023

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